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Hawks 2 – Preds 0 Recap

April 19, 2010

Ahhh that’s more like what we were expecting.  A lot of people were worried after the first period, but the Hawks righted the ship in the second.  Going into the third, the Preds were down one goal and one can only assume Barry Trotz was in the locker room doing his best Mr. Burns impression.


It was actually a little funny to sit here and watch as everyone freaked out about having a one goal lead like it signaled our impending doom.  But instead of getting dominated like they did on Friday, the Hawks came out like bats out of hell.  Kane summoned his mullet powers and beat Rinne with a wicked wrister.

I honestly can’t even decide who I want to call player of the game.  Let’s look at the candidates:

  • Niemi – Nothing to complain about here. Niemi was perfect.  He benefited from some tight defensive play, but was key in bailing out the D a few times.  Nemo looked strong and was challenging shots including some big saves that put the kibosh on any comeback hopes the Preds were mounting late in the 3rd.
  • Kane – 3 words: Fear The Mullet.  Kane picked up a goal and an assist last night as he continues to pile up playoff points.  If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last two years, its that Kane steps up his game in the big situations (see: Canucks, Vancouver).
  • Bolland – Bolly has had a down season mostly thanks to back surgery which hasn’t had a chance to rest enough.  Yesterday he picked up the GWG by going to the front of the net on the PP.  It’ll be great to see if he can keep up the play throughout the rest of the postseason. His play can make or break this postseason.
  • Sopel – I LOVE SOPEL. There. I said it.  The man is a warrior. Sacrifices the body and does everything that we can expect from our 6th Dman and he’s stepped it up since the loss of Soupy and Johnsson.

So let’s hear what you think. Who was the Player of the Game?

Edit: Ahh I can’t believe I forgot to mention Hossa.  That man is on a mission to prove that curses don’t exist.  He’s getting tons of scoring chances and its only a matter of time before he converts.  Watch for him to leave a trail of bodies behind him because he is intent on carrying this team far.

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  1. MichSox permalink
    April 19, 2010 1:21 PM

    Niemi was awesome, you couldn’t ask for more, he’s really stepped up big time. At the risk of sounding like groupie swoon Bolland scored was I happy, BF hey look your other BF scored, then he told his friend I think she’s gonna cry of happiness, lol, I didn’t. Kane’s was a pretty one, you’re right he does steps his game up when he needs to. I love Hossa’s “you gotta be effing kidding me” face when Rinne blocked his shot. Sopel treats his body like crap to make sure the Hawks win and I love it.

    I would like to point out that Cub players should not attend the games cause they go and Hawks lose, and not because I love the Whitesox but they go and Hawks win…Cubs are cursed and they should keep their curse of the UC.

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