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Reboot: Game 2

April 18, 2010


I have no idea why I can't just put these next to each other. Damnit wordpress.

In game one, we saw a team that stopped playing in the third period.  It was a complete lack of effort.  Maybe it was rust from the layoff, maybe they had some tired legs at the end.  Whatever it was should be fixed by now.

If you really think about it though, the Hawks were one flukey bounce of a goal away from a tie game with 10 minutes to play.  Would the game have played out the same if not for the one lucky bounce? Its hard to say.  But at least there would have been a better shot at winning.

Tonight is the night it has to be turned around.  A lot of people have been calling this a must-win.  I hesitate to say that.  Its very important that they win, but I wouldn’t count this team out if they were down 2-0.

Regardless, I don’t see that happening.  Take away the two empty nets and the bad hop, and you have a team that’s even with the Preds despite a complete lack of focus.  Once that focus kicks in and everyone starts playing with the heart that Hossa was showing, look out because the offensive explosion is coming.  And we saw glimpses of that when the Hawks were dominating the puck possession for most of the 2nd period.

So get ready for game 2.  Let’s move one win closer.

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