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Clean Slate: Predators @ Blackhawks Game 1

April 16, 2010

Game Time: 7:30 PM CST
The Enemy: On the Forecheck

Welcome to the first day of your life.  Today is the first day of the playoffs for the Blackhawks.  There’s no stat pack for this game.  None of the stuff that happened in the regular season matters anymore.  Clean slate.  The Blackhawks have earned nothing.

But tonight, we go out there and earn every inch of the ice.  Every loose puck, every battle along the boards, its ours.  Why? Because we want it.  We have the skill, the heart, the desire.  Expectations are high for a reason.  This is a great team, one that’s capable of going far in the playoffs, and it all starts here.  This has been what the whole season has led up to.  From training camp in August all the way up to this point 8 months later.  This is why we are fans.  This is what we live for.

There will be over 22,000 people in the United Center tonight.  That’s 22,000 perfectly good voice boxes going in.  Your goal is to leave it all behind and support the team.  Blow the roof off during the anthem and don’t stop till the final horn sounds.

A journey starts today. Let’s Go Hawks.

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