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Pick a Winner: The NHL Awards

April 12, 2010
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Now that the regular season has come to a close, its time for us to make our picks on the NHL Awards.  We here at Blackhawks Down Low don’t get votes like the guys who write for the newspapers, but if we could, these would be our picks. We’ve included our predictions on which player will win based on the actual votes and who we think should win.  This is the first of two parts. The last 3 awards will be posted tomorrow.

Hart Trophy
ChiBlackhawks: Will go to Alex Ovechkin because there’s really very few other clear contenders for the trophy and since his name’s always in the mix it will be natural for most to vote for him, or at least put his name in as 2nd or 3rd. Those votes can add up.
Should go to Craig Anderson. My personal opinion, of course, but this man came very, very close to carrying his team all the way to the playoffs. I know Ryan Miller’s name was also thrown around but the Sabres were at least closer to making the playoffs last year than Colorado was. Nobody saw Craig Anderson coming.
Andrew: Will go to and should go to Alexander Ovechkin.  He got beat out in the Richard and Art Ross trophy races, but when we’re talking MVP, winning the President’s Trophy goes a long way.  Being the best player on the best team in the NHL pretty much ends the argument.  He’s a dominant player that is always a threat when on the ice.  His style of play is absolutely reckless, but he makes up for the suspensions with a whole lot of points and hits.
Calder Memorial Trophy
ChiBlackhawks: Will go to Tyler Myers because I’ve seen his name mentioned a lot. Unfortunately I haven’t really watched many Eastern games so I haven’t noticed him.
Should go to Jimmy Howard. I hate to say it, but he’s a huge factor in why the Red Wings aren’t going golfing early for–what, the 18th consecutive year? Damn wankers.
Andrew: Will go to Tyler Myers. A lot of this has to do with the Sabres lack of defensive depth and having Ryan Miller behind him.
Should go to Drew Doughty. Damn I wish Doughty was still considered a rookie. He’s only 20 and has been a Norris candidate all season.  Should probably go to Jimmy Howard too since he’s been so great for the Wings.
Masterson Memorial Trophy
ChiBlackhawks: Will go to–Christ, I have no idea. I want to say Jose Theodore, because his career has been all but dismissed, but lo and behold, he’s stepped up when Varlamov went down with injury.
Should go to Chris Chelios, because nothing says dedication more than going back to live with your parents. (Yeah, yeah, he’s in the AHL, so I guess technically he’s not qualified for the award, unless there’s no minimum number of games played. That’s why I used the subjunctive form.)
Andrew: Its a crapshoot on who this will go to, but I say it should be Jonas Gustavsson.  To give you an idea of what this guy has gone through this year, he lost his mom, who he was very close with since he was an only child and his dad died a few years ago, just before signing with the Leafs.  He then moves to North America to play for the 2nd worst team in the NHL.  He has two cardiac ablations thanks to a heart condition.  I had the same procedure done a few years ago and I’m shocked he could preform at a high level before the problem was fixed.  At one point he was laying in pain on the floor of the Leafs locker room during an intermission.  He then goes on to post a 16-15-9 record for the worst team in the East.  The man deserves it.
Jack Adams Award
ChiBlackhawks: Will go to Dave Tippett, because holy cow did you see what he did to clean up Gretzky’s mess?
Should go to Dave Tippett, because no way am I going to admit on this blog that the Red Wings should have more than 1 award this season.
Andrew: Will go to and should go to Dave Tippett because he took a train wreck in Phoenix and got them to buy into his system without using a lot of the young talent like Turris, who got to develop in the minors.  Plus, there’s no better way to give a big middle finger to the Stars for firing him, than to win coach of the year.
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