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Choose Your Destiny – Red Wings @ Blackhawks Preview

April 11, 2010

Game Time: 2:00 PM CST

TV/Radio: CSN / WIND-AM 560
The Enemy: Nightmare on Helm Street

Stat Pack:

Blackhawks Red Wings
L10 7-3-0 8-1-1
Record at Home: 29-8-3 on the Road: 18-14-8
PP% 17.6% (T-16th) 19.3% (9th)
PK 85.2% (4th) 84.0% (9th)

I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve right now.  The playoffs are right around the corner.  But we still have to play this last one.  I know the schedule makers have taken a lot of heat this year thanks to the Olympics and the compressed schedule, but they’ve done a great job in scheduling the Hawks to play the Wings in the last game of the season.  Even if this game meant nothing, it would still be an exciting one because it’s always fun to play the Wings.

Remember when the Blackhawks were playing like doggie doo doo? Me neither.  For a while it was pretty painful to fill in that “last 10 games” record up in the stat pack, but boy was it nice to fill it in with a 7-3-0 today.  Slumps happen.  It’s nice to see the team playing like it cares again.

Niemi is starting in net tonight for the Hawks, which I think you’ve all guessed would happen by now.  He’ll be going up against the other rookie netminder from the Central, Jimmy Howard.  Howard has been great for the Wings all season.  He played his way into Calder consideration and was part of the turnaround when the Wings got healthy.  He’s a big reason why a lot of teams fear the Wings heading into the playoffs.

Since San Jose won last night, it’s up to the Hawks to decide their fate.  A win puts them in first place in the West.  Anything less, and they’ve got the 2 seed.  The first seed in the West would match them up against Colorado, who everyone seems to want to play lately, mainly because Anderson is clearly gassed.  The 2 wouldn’t be bad right now either though because Quick has lost his last 8 for the Kings, and the Hawks do really well against the Preds.  But that will all work itself out by the end of the night.  Go enjoy the rivalry today.  The really big ones start this week.

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  1. Michelle permalink
    April 12, 2010 9:31 AM

    At the risk of sounding like a groupie, Bolland scored ❤ I hate when I sound like a groupie =( I gotta say I was happy with their play, could have been worse, I really don't want to see d-sucks in the playoffs. Guy at the bar "I hope we don't face Detroit in the Stanley Cup final" I am like "You mean Western Conference Final" He said "No I said Stanley Cup Final" Really =(

    • Michelle permalink
      April 12, 2010 9:32 AM

      I would like to add he was beyond drunk, but still =(

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