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Let’s Try This Again: Blue Jackets @ Blackhawks

March 28, 2010

Hopefully this time, the Hawks will actually show up. Game is on WGN. Thanks to them for sending over the commercial.

Game Time: 6:00 PM CST
TV/Radio: WGN TV / WGN (720-AM)
Still Celebrating from Thursday: Light the Lamp

In case you hadn’t heard (or had a few therapy sessions in order to repress the memory), the Blackhawks got DESTROYED by Columbus (COLUMBUS?!?!) on Thursday.  They simply didn’t show up to play.  Well you bet your ass they Q’s mustache really let them hear it after that one (I have a good source that tells me the mustache actually does the talking, not Joel).  It better not happen again.

The team held a meeting to discuss the recent play (see: shit, dog).  A few reporters mentioned that defensive play was the main part of the meeting.  If the Hawks give up more than one goal tonight, I’ll consider it a bad game.  I expect them to come out guns blazing.  Columbus is not about to walk into the UC after losing to the Islanders and put up another 8 spot on the board.  The game in Columbus was a wake up call.

Niemi is getting the call in net.  Expect to hear that phrase a lot over the coming weeks.  Huet essentially lost any shot he had of holding the starting job in the playoffs.  I said in the last recap that it wasn’t completely his fault, but its to the point where that no longer matters.  Its Niemi’s spot to lose.

Garon started last night for the BJs, so expect to see Steve Mason again.  He wasn’t particularly sharp against the Hawks on Thursday, but the 8 goals his offense put up masked that pretty well.  Its definitely more of the same sophomore pants wetting that he’s done all season.  The Hawks need to exploit that and score at least 5.

Alright now that I’ve created some high expectations, let’s hope the Hawks come out flying.  I’m sick of them making me look stupid when I talk down the other team.

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