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A Day for Awesomeness

March 27, 2010

So I admit there’s not a whole lot to talk about with the Hawks today.  They practiced, Niemi is starting tomorrow, Bolland practiced, and the team held a meeting to talk about how shitty the defense has been (see: here).

I actually wanted to talk about some things that are pretty awesome this weekend.  I hope you’ve heard that the NCAA Hockey Tournament started on Friday.  I filled out a bracket, and two of the teams I had in the Frozen Four have been eliminated (one of which I had playing in the championship).  So its about as gone to shit as my basketball bracket already.

EDIT: In the name of full disclosure (and since I got called out on forgetting to add them into this post),  I want to mention that the North Dakota Fighting Sioux are playing at 4 pm CST tonight against Yale (game on  They’re pretty awesome and I picked them to win the National Championship.  How can you not root for them when they produced Captain Serious? Plus, awesome green jerseys.

All of the games are either on ESPN U, ESPN2, or  Here’s a complete bracket with tv listings (mouse over the game to see where you can watch it).

Right now I’m watching the University of Alaska-Fairbanks play Boston College (Its 1:45 and we’re just over half way through the 2nd period).  You might laugh at UAF being in the tournament, but actually its pretty awesome.  Why?  Because it gives me an excuse to write a post about their intro videos for their home games.  Seriously, just watch these videos and pretend like you aren’t rooting for them.

Right after I put those videos into the post, UAF tied the game at one with a rebound goal from Andy Taranto who hails from Woodridge, IL.  Dman Joe Sova is from Berwyn, IL.  How can you root against the Bear AND hometown boys?

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