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Is This Real Life? CBJ 8 – Blackhawks 3

March 26, 2010

I had a few options when I sat down to start this recap.  I could post a picture of a large turd, leave you with a blank page, or simply put a link to the movie Gigli starring Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.  All of those would be way better than reading about this game.  However, that would probably be the last time anyone ever visited this site, so I guess we’ll just get right into this.

I should have known this game was going to shit when I saw it was on CLTV.  Seriously, how to the Hawks get bumped for a Bulls game? Does CSN hate money?  I didn’t even get the channel on my basic cable package in the dorm.

Once I found an online feed, Huet eeeeeemediately let in the first bad goal of the game.  Mike Commodore threw the puck to the net from the corner, and it hit Huet and went in.  Honestly, this play was less about goaltending as it was about knowing what’s going on on the ice.  He seemed shocked the puck hit him.

Burish got into a nice little fight with Dorsett shortly thereafter.  Pretty good fight that’d I’d probably rule a draw.  Looked like Dorsett got a majority of his punches onto Burr’s helmet.

For the record, Huet made a pretty big save early on Nash’s breakaway attempt.  The game was still up for grabs at the point, and it could have became one of those saves that the team turns right around and scores after, but in the end it will be lost among the archives.

The second BJ goal was just an awful defensive breakdown.  Nash threw a puck across the goal-mouth through four (count them: 1..2…3…4) Hawks defenders to Huselius who was just waiting on the doorstep for the tap in.  I don’t see how not one Blackhawk knocks that puck away.  Dunc was a spectator on the play and lost his check.  Only way Huet stops that one is if he makes a super-human save.

Versteeg picked up the first Hawk goal. Usually he doesn’t get much offense going against a trapping team, but it was on a rush that let him weave into the offensive zone and find a spot in the high slot to send home a wrister. Huselius countered two minutes later on a deflection in front.  You’d like to see Huet make this save.  It wasn’t a particularly hard shot.  Keith and Seabrook looked lost on this one too, leaving him alone between the circles. Somebody’s gotta tie up that stick.

Hammer showed us exactly what his weakness is after making a bad turnover to Voracek in the neutral zone.  He just doesn’t have the foot speed to make up for when he makes mistakes.  If Campbell is chasing down Voracek on this play instead of Buff, we’d probably see it get broken up.  But that wasn’t the case. Hammer takes him down and he scores on a penalty shot.  Huet let in a softie on Vermette, gets pulled. Niemi gives up a fat rebound and gets scored on.  Huet comes back for the 3rd to finish the game and continues the pants shitting.  He gives up two more on plays that he mishandles the puck behind the net.

Kopecky and Burish got goals too while nobody was giving a damn what happened anymore.

Player of the game is going to Burish.  He really looked like the only guy in a white sweater on the ice who gave a shit about this game tonight.  On top of dropping the gloves, he played hard till the end.  When he scores his goal with four and a half minutes left and the team down 6, he gets fucking pumped.  The man knows how to play every second of a game and he knows what pride is. Everyone else needs to man the fuck up if they want to go anywhere in the playoffs.  They went down a few goals and the wheels fell off the god damn wagon.

Did Huet lose any shot he might have had at the starting job tonight?  Probably.  He was coming off the flu and playing in only his second game in almost 3 weeks.  Rust was to be expected.  Add in the lackadaisical defensive play, and you get this garbage.  As long as Niemi doesn’t completely shit himself (which is very possible), the job is his.  It pains me to say that because Huet is a better goalie than what we’re seeing. His stats prove it.  And he’s a good guy too, but because of his recent play, every restaurant in Chicago is changing their menus to say “Freedom Fries” again.

Let’s not let all the blame fall on one guy though.  This was a complete systemic breakdown.  Only one skater wanted to play tonight.  Coach Q was not pleased with that.  They play this same team at the UC on Sunday.  Personally, I expect them to come out, score 10 goals, and punch someone in the mouth after every goal they score.  Sunday, they need to prove a point, and that is that they won’t just lay down and take it after a deflating loss.

Oh and hey, we clinched the playoffs. Awesome.

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  1. Michelle permalink
    March 26, 2010 8:27 AM

    Hmmm so last nights game wasn’t like a bad dream, it really happen. I probably dislike my Ohio co worker right now, I am gonna rearrange his effing smirk.


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