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King without his Crown: Blackawks 3 – Kings 0

March 19, 2010

So I started writing this wayyyy earlier and it messed up when I went to save it and I lost everything. Sucks and I’ve been doing a lot of stuff for the site today so I haven’t had time to re-write this. Don’t have a whole lot of time so let’s do this quick and dirty.

So I talked up the Kings a lot before yesterday’s game.  Let me just defend myself by saying that they’re better than what we saw.  Even if they would have had a good game, I’m not sure they would have won.  The Hawks were on their game for most of the night (except for the first period, which turned out to be as exciting as watching paint dry). They had to Win One for the Ginger.

The Hawks dominated puck possession all night.  They put on a clinic in the offensive zone, and limited the shots that Niemi saw.  I was actually surprised that LA ended up with 17 shots because it didn’t even seem like they had that many.  Niemi earned himself another start tomorrow in PHX.  He didn’t do anything spectacular, but he made the necessary saves.

The defense looked pretty good overall. They had a few holes, but still were remarkable considering they were missing two huge pieces.  Dunc logged a ton of minutes early thanks to Sopel trying to get even uglier (verdict: impossible).  Buff looked really good playing on the back end.  He provided offense and was never out of position.

It was good to see the Hawks get a dirty goal.  Brouwer picked up the first tally on a scrum in front of the net.  That will be the type of goal they’ll need to grind out down the stretch when teams really start to buckle down defensively.  Another great sign was Kopecky scoring twice.  On his first goal, my roommate and I both yelled “YES!…what the fuck?” in unison.  He was really the last person either one of us expected to score.  When he scored again, our heads ASPLODED.  Eager had a really good scoring chance somewhere in there too.  Having 4 lines that can score is all kinds of awesome.


Big Buff the Kool Aid Man

OHHH YEAHHHHH (Picture via Total Pro Sports)

Buff stepped in when he was needed, and played so well that Coach Q has decided to leave him on defense for now.  Great game really picked up the rest of the team and gives some hope to a defense corps that has been riddle with injury.  Now if he would only bring back the old #52, so we could have the B-52 Bomber back.

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