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Do We Have To? Hawks 2 – Flyers 3 Game Recap

March 13, 2010

Going with a bit of a different format today.


  • Huet played a great game. He did an awesome job seeing the puck and challenging shooters. Today is a perfect example of how he needs to play to be effective.  Too often he lets the play come to him and ends up flopping around reacting to shots.  He played with confidence and came out to beat the shots.  Very strong play.  He bailed out the D several times when they made mistakes (and boy did they make them.)  If he plays like this consistently, I don’t have any worries in net through the playoffs.
  • Hossa is on pace for a 50-goal season over a full 82 games.  He’s kinda good, eh?
  • The Hawks had some good energy for most of the game. The forecheck looked really strong all game. Forced a lot of turnovers in the Flyers zone.
  • Kim Johnsson had a good game all around. Created some good scoring chances and had a few really nice passes.


  • Sopel looked slow today. I think we’ll see Hendry back in the lineup tomorrow.  Really got caught on the second Flyer goal.
  • Kane looked out of sorts today. Poor passing, aimless skating, and too many turnovers.


  • The whole team just shutdown after Hossa’s goal.  Everyone just assumed the game was locked up (including me).  There was no backchecking. There was no effort. And that’s what really spikes my blood pressure. I can excuse plays where they just get beat physically, but taking the foot off the gas pedal is unacceptable.  This team has the skill and stamina to go a full 60 minutes with any team in the NHL and it baffles me when they don’t do that.  This game was lost because the Hawks took the win for granted.
  • Seabs…buddy…I don’t know what’s been up with you lately, but something isn’t clicking mentally.  Its not like he isn’t getting it done on the physical end of things.  Its just getting caught out of position and making bad decisions.  I don’t know if its fatigue or pressure or what, but whatever it is needs to shape up in the next 15 games.  Today was brutal.
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  1. Natasha permalink
    March 13, 2010 3:25 PM

    I though Huet was good for the entire game — last goal was so far from his “fault” because it seems like our defense just can’t keep it up for the whole 60 minutes. I know the Hawks’ goalies aren’t perfect but they take so much slack from (even the hawks) fans when really so many goals are the fault of the defense letting the opposing offense run them over. The Hawks are in 2nd in the west so SOMETHING must be working but it seems like with games such as today, they really could’ve come out with a win if they had just kept it together.

    I agree about Seabrook but I wouldn’t say it’s the same hangover most players would have after the olympics. He didn’t play much for 2 weeks with the Olympic team because he wasn’t needed but on THIS team he really is needed and if that’s the problem, I hope he realizes it very soon.

    It seems like both Kane and Toews aren’t fired up during the games. Toews could barely do anything in the Flyers’ end in this game. I don’t know if it’s because they’re extra hard on him because they know what he’s capable of? Kane has been playing just weird lately. Sharp (although you didn’t mention him) has had to be everywhere and tries to do everything himself because of it. There were some bad passes to him.

    Hendry better be in for Sopel for tomorrow. It wasn’t just that one mistake that caused Gagne’s goal that I noticed during the game. In the last few minutes he was skating slow and just not really into the game.

    Defense is going to be really important tomorrow against the Caps… obviously they’re a huge offensive team and I hope Q can get the guys on their game for it.

    • March 13, 2010 4:13 PM

      I think Seabrook’s problems began BEFORE the Olympics, which is what really puzzles me. He didn’t play much in the Olympics because he wasn’t playing well and with all the depth they had, it was easy to just sub him out for someone else.

      I didn’t notice the intensity level from Kane or Toews, but I’ll take note of that when I rewatch the game.

  2. Icepirate permalink
    March 14, 2010 3:06 AM

    Okay, so the team has a really nice W-L record, is ranked very well in many team statistics, has been a breath of fresh air for Chicago fans and has a multitude of talent on the roster, but I still have no qualms about keying in on some readily apparent deficiencies that I’ve noticed repeatedly in the second half of the season, such as: stiff and clunky puck-handling, weird team spacing all around, poor shot selection (especially around the blue line) resulting in premature loss of puck possession on very low % attempts, frequent and dangerous passes towards the middle of the ice defensively, trying to finesse the puck single-handedly through packs of defenders in the neutral zone, and over-skating loose pucks.
    I won’t really mention a lot about goal-tending, since this aspect will undoubtedly continue to adhere to the same patterns revolving around Huet’s mind-numbing inconsistency and Niemi’s unsettling lack of experience. Hopefully, no one really expects that either goalie will undergo some kind of spontaneously metamorphosis just in time for the playoffs.
    On the other hand, it seems perfectly realistic to believe that a significant portion of the aberrations in team play–concerning the other five skaters on the ice–can be remedied before the end of the regular season with some well-placed work and re-dedication. This is probably the most difficult part of being a Blackhawk fan as of late, that is, knowing things CAN be tightened up, but not knowing when or if they WILL be.


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