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Blackhawks 6 – Canucks 3 Post-Game Recap

March 6, 2010

This game, before it even started, promised to be everything you could want in a hockey game.  Its no secret that they hate each other, even if Kane and Kesler became BFFs for Team USA.  That Olympic feeling is behind us.  I was screaming “Louuuuuuuuu” at my tv during the Olympics, and…actually I was screaming it at my tv again today.  But today I was laughing at Bobby Lou instead of pinning my pride and hopes on him.

We all had the feeling this one could get ugly, even if Steve Konroyd said that everyone was over the bad feelings.  We knew better than that.  And so did Ladd.  He gave Kesler a bump after an offsides call less than a minute in, and opened up the floodgates.  After all the pushing and shoving, the Hawks ended up with a power play.  Before they could even drop the puck at the other end, Burrows decided to be a little douchenozzle…AGAIN and started picking on either Kane or Toews (its been a long night).  Buff was having none of that and got all up in his grill, drawing a slash and gave the Hawks a 5-on-3 for a full 2 minutes.  Of course the clusterfuck that coach Q calls a powerplay couldn’t capitalize and it seemed like the Hawks were going to be in for a long night facing Luongo.  To make things worse, the Nucks got their own 5-on-3 a few minutes later.  Thankfully, Huet put on a clinic in net.  He made around 6 ridiculous saves to keep the score at 0.

The Hawks would get one past Luongo when Ladder listened to Edzo, pretended to be one of “All you young hockey players out there,” and got a puck to the net.  It took a strange hop off of Lou’s stick and trickled in.  How’s that for cowardly, bitch?  Dunc scored after the puck got knocked to the point after a big scrum in front of the net.  Luongo seemed pretty pissed afterwards, but I don’t know what he expected the refs to do.  No Hawks player impeded in his ability to make the save, and he never had it covered up.  Frustration is a bitch.  About 30 seconds later, Brouwer picked up a goal when he was crashing the net as Hammer just basically threw it near the net from the corner.  Kesler scored a soft goal, and Versteeg got it back on a nice weaving play with Ladd on the rush.

Hendry picked up his first goal of the season, which, I must add, was HILARIOUS.  Most of the time on Twitter you’ll see the name of the player who scored, something like WOOOOO and then the score.  Not with Hendry. I couldn’t even count how many tweets just said “hhahahahahahahaha.”  It was just the fact that it was his first goal of the season and it was on a guy who just won a gold medal. Plus, if you watch just after he enters the zone, he almost loses the puck. Everything about him scoring on a backhander in tight is just awesome.  Every Hawks skater now has a goal this year (Burish will need to get one fast when he comes back).

Oh, and somewhere in all that scoring mayhem Seabs found time to beat down Andrew Alberts. I especially like how he pinned him along the boards right in front of Raycroft just before Raycroft had to come in in relief for Luongo.

In the second period, the Canucks scored on a nice breakout play while the Hawks were changing. Huet redeemed himself by making an amazing diving save across his crease.  Hossa scored less than a second after a power play ended.  Edzo actually made a good point earlier in the game when he said the Hawks have a hard time scoring on the power play because they don’t have a right handed forward out on the first unit.  That takes away the threat of a one timer from the left circle.  Hossa had to come all the way around to the blue line to get in a shooting position on that goal.

Samuelsson potted one for the Canucks in the third, and everyone pretty much said “Who cares? We won already.”


  • Hahaha seriously. Hendry. Lolzzz.
  • I think Eddie O should mention something to Q about his PP ideas. Most of the time I think he’s just obnoxious, but that was insight that I think most people wouldn’t catch.
  • Great win for the Hawks. They proved they can be physical and any team that goes out of position to finish their check will be punished for it.  They did a good job of luring the Canucks out of the trap early and skated circles around them.
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