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Oilers @ Blackhawks Game Preview

March 3, 2010

Can we just go back to playing some hockey, please?  I’m over all the trade stuff (as evidenced by my rant yesterday on Twitter.)  I’m tired of speculation.  Let’s just get back to playing some games, eh?

Game Time: 7:30 PM CST
TV/Radio: CSN-CH / WGN (720-AM)
Know Thy Enemy: The Copper & Blue

Stat Pack:

3-7-0 6-3-1
Record on the Road: 8-20-2 at Home: 23-6-2
PP% 18.3% (15th) 19.9% (7th)
PK 75.7% (28th) 84.4% (6th)

So you guys just wanna pretend like last night didn’t happen?  I’m good with that. Let’s look ahead, not to the past.

A lot has gone wrong for Edmonton so far this year. They’re at the bottom of the West, Khabi has been hurt for a while, Khabi is facing “extreme DUI” charges, and everyone there is still stuck living in Edmonton (Its sucks. Ask Lauren Pronger).  These guys are not good. In fact, they’re worse than the Islanders.  Losing today will simply be unacceptable, and I’m sure Q will hammer that into the guys before the game.

The key to tonight’s game will be in the 2nd and 3rd periods.  We all know that the young guys can come out firing running on adrenaline alone.  But once the game settles in, we’ll have to see if they can grind it out to the end.  Some of the guys who didn’t play in the Olympics are going to have to step up and score tonight, which shouldn’t be a problem against the Oilers.  They may not be good, but they play a fun, open brand of hockey that results in a whole mess of odd man rushes.

Not sure yet on who will be in goal since both teams aren’t practicing and the whole trade deadline thing.  My guess would be Huet for the Hawks after that mess Niemi made in his pants last night.

UPDATE: Huet is the confirmed starter.

Sorry this is so short. I’m extremely pressed for time this week. Feel free to leave any thoughts on the game in the comments.


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