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Blackhawks: 5 – Oilers 2 Game Recap

March 3, 2010

Sometimes when you have a highly skilled team, you end up with games like these.  The Hawks looked like a bunch of pregnant women out there tonight with all the mood swings they went through.  We saw some apathy, anger, intensity, motivation, determination, etc.

First came the lallygagging.  You could almost tell what was going through the players’ minds in the first few minutes. “These guys suck. This game will be so easy.”  They played like they were going to be handed the win.  It wasn’t a huge issue though because they were possessing the puck really well.  Just couldn’t capitalize on any of their shots. That’ll happen when you’re not crashing the net and getting second chances.  First period ended 0-0 with the Hawks outshooting the Oil 12-6.

In the second period the Hawks looked more awake.  Hossa got off a quick shot and beat Dubnyk after Bolland played a nice screen/drop pass for him.  The Oliers picked up two cheap goals within a minute of each other after the refs lost their whistles.  First the play wasn’t blown dead quick enough, leaving Huet open to be whacked at by sticks, leading to the puck getting knocked loose and in.  Then the refs missed a blatant slash that broke Hammer’s stick which led to Huet getting beat stick side.  That seemed to piss off the Hawks just enough for them to get going.  Brouwer forced a giveaway on the forecheck which came to Hossa who drew the defender and Dubnyk with him leaving Bolland with an open net.  Second period ended with the score tied 2-2.

The third period was all Hawks. Hammer scored on a bomb from the point (which he modestly brushed off after the game. Seriously kid, that was a sweet goal.)  Byfuglien picked up a loose puck when he was IN FRONT OF THE NET ON THE POWERPLAY (seriously I think Edzo could run this powerplay better some times) and pulled to his forehand to beat Dubz.  Not to be denied on his bobblehead night, Toews plowed through some scrub Edmonton called up today and launched a snapshot from the circle for the goal.

Overall, I’d like to see the Hawks play a full 60 minutes against a team this bad, but I guess you can’t complain with the win.  Huet looked pretty good on the 12 that he stopped and couldn’t really be blamed for either of the two that went in.  Can’t take a whole lot on him from this game though because EDM didn’t have much offense on him.


  • Well now that the Olympics are over and the deadline has passed, can we focus full time on the Hawks actually playing hockey?
  • Hope you guys enjoyed the Deadline coverage today. ChiBlackhawks did a great job tracking all the trades (and hopefully getting some work done).
  • Twitter followers and Facebook fans have shot through the roof the last few days. That’s all thanks to you guys.
  • My posts have been slacking a little lately. Once I can get through Friday, I swear they’ll be better. School, work, and apartment hunting are taking a toll on me right now.
  • Great to see Bolland pick up a goal and an assist tonight. Hope he’s starting to ease his way back in with the back.
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