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Let’s Get Down to Business (A Bit of Canada-USA Recap and A Look Ahead)

March 1, 2010

If you’re reading this, odds are that you already watched the game.  Telling you about how great a game it was isn’t going to tell you anything you didn’t already know.  So I’ll just make a few bullet point comments on a few thing.

  • For only giving up 2 goals, Luongo looked really shaky.  I think every time a puck was directed his way, he shat his pants. The 2nd goal would have never happened if he was able to hang on to the puck.  Instead, it bounces out of his glove, USA scrambles for the puck, throws it on goal, and scores.
  • The United States came out playing the “Balls to the Walls” strategy and they did it well.  They had a very aggressive forecheck and put a whole lot of pressure on Canada’s defensemen.  Canada really only had one breakaway shot too, which surprised me.  The speed of the US was their biggest asset not named Ryan Miller all game.
  • Toews was awesome this tournament. I’m not really surprised because its just added on to his string of great international performances.  If you’ve never seen his shootout goals in the 2007 U20 Tournament, then you should watch this now.

It was an epic game that we’re not going to forget any time soon.  So where do we go not?  Well, the trade deadline bonanza has already begun.  The roster freeze ended last night at 11 central time.  The deadline is Wednesday at 2 PM Central time.  I’m not sure if the Hawks are going to make a move.  There have been rumblings about a few goalies, and there is a log jam at forward so one of those guys could be moved.  Don’t be surprised if they do make a move, but don’t bank on it.

Looking to this weeks games, expect to see a lot of Campbell, Hammer, Johnsson, Sharp, Buff, Versteeg, and Ladd on the ice.  Those guys are going to eat up a big chunk of minutes as the Olympic boys are going to be a bit fatigued.  Luckily the first two games are against two of the worst teams in the NHL, the Islanders and the Oilers.  They get a day off on Thursday before playing the Canucks on Friday and the Red Wings in the dreaded Sunday morning NBC game of the week that I never wake up in time for.

Welcome back to the NHL. Get ready for a crazy end to the season.

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