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Stars 3 – Blackhawks 4 (SO) Recap

February 10, 2010

Was anyone expecting this much of a fight out of the Stars tonight?  Maybe this season has just spoiled me, but I kinda expected the Hawks to come out tonight and lay a smackdown on them.  Early on it looked like the Hawks were going to do just that.  Playing the puck possession game that we have grown to love this year, the Hawks spent some long shifts in the Dallas zone early.  The problem was not being able to generate shots off that possession.

Eventually, a defensive breakdown (which we’ve seen a lot of lately, no?) led to Mike Ribeiro being wide open with an open net.  He scored easily, despite not being able to follow the “‘I’ before ‘E'” rule when spelling his stupid last name. Nothing Niemi could do on that one.

Later in the first, Kane decided that he enjoyed putting the puck in the net.  When Kane wants to score, he does.  He let off a really quick shot from the dot that left Turco in a mid-life crisis.  Not content to go to the locker room tied, Niemi gave up a big rebound with 2 minutes left and James Neal called sloppy seconds.  It was a dirty goal, but they don’t ask how; they ask how many.

With a little less than 30 seconds in the 1st, Kane thought, “Hey, I liked it when all 21,000 people here jumped up and danced earlier” so he took the puck behind the net, walked in front, and hit a turnaround shot that was like a less mind blowingly amazing Belmont Transfer goal (credit to for the term).

The Hawks dominated the 2nd period in possession, once Coach Q put Kopecky out of his misery and moved him back down to the 4th line.  Brouwer (who needs a god damn nickname) got moved to Hossa and Bolland’s line and good things happened.  The best chance of the period came off a Byfuglien breakaway, but Turco made a save that I thought I’d only see in NHL 10 when I’m playing online.  Seriously, even the computer doesn’t try that move.

The third period started off pretty well.  Hossa either really fucked up a shot, or he made an amazing pass to Brouwer off the boards.  My guess is the amazing pass.  Coming in on a 2 on 2, he banked it off the end boards back in front to find Big Truck with an open net.  Loui Eriksson (seriously, what is with the Stars and stupid fucking names?) tied it up with just under 4 minutes to go in the game.  Turco made a few nice stops on Toews and Sharpie towards the end to send it to overtime.

Keith took a hooking penalty with 2:30 left in the OT which set up a 4-on-3 PP for the Stars that almost killed me (I’m not allowed to drink Red Bull, but my doctor lets me watch this?).  Niemi made some huge saves and Brent Sopel played like he  has stones the size of bowling balls.  Even after his stick shattered, Sopel was out there looking to get a block and made a great diving hand pass after the PP ended. After some crazy shenanigans at the horn, the game went to a shootout.

Turco pulled out a few more crazy moves and Niemi made all 5 saves that he was asked to.  VERSTEEG! slipped one 5-hole on Turco in the 5th round to seal the W.


  • Trevor Daley went and gave his stick to a kid in the front row who got hit with the pane of glass that got knocked out (He’s okay!). Awesome move by Daley. That kid will remember this game forever.
  • The Stars made a trade during the second intermission, picking up Kari Lehtinen from Atlanta.  Word is Turco may be going to Philadelphia depending on how bad Ray Emery is hurt.
  • The powerplay looked awful in the limited time it was out there.  Taking a penalty while on a 5 on 3 is not the right way to go about things. This is a situation that needs to be seriously looked at before the playoffs start.
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