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Weekend Warriors and Our Best Friends

February 8, 2010

Well that certainly was an interesting weekend.  When I was looking at the schedule on Thursday, I thought I’d be satisfied getting 3 points out of this weekend.  The Coyotes have been playing some great hockey under Tippett and were on a tear coming into the UC.  They had flown in on Tuesday so they were well adjusted to the time and got plenty of rest and practice time.  No shame in the OTL there.

Getting the W in St Louis was the key to the weekend.  The Blues are on their last breath and need to win an ass-ton of games to make the playoffs (I don’t know how many that is. I don’t know metric.). So we knew they’d be playing like they had nothing to lose.  Its been mentioned everywhere, but it bears repeating, excellent job traveling and supporting the boys in STL.  I actually had a ticket, but had to sell it when my roommate/ride blew out his shoulder.  Just the way things go some times.

The schedule is light in the next week. Going to see what kind of special feature we can get up possibly on Thursday or Friday.  Also, some new additions will be coming to the site soon so stay tuned.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for the Hawks vs Stars preview.

Quick notes:

  • I’ll be upset if the Hawks trade for any of the following three players: James Wisniewski, George Parros, Tim Thomas.  Wiz doesn’t fit the mold of this team. I don’t care how great he is in the locker room. Games are won on the ice.  Parros doesn’t possess the skill and I can’t see who he would bump out of the lineup.  There’s already a logjam at forward.  Yeah, Tim Thomas won the Vezina last year. But he’s played like shit this year.  He has a tough contract too that includes a no trade clause. Pass.
  • Again, apoligies for no posts this weekend.  Eastern Illinois takes a toll on a body.
  • Keep Leafs and Team USA GM Brian Burke in your prayers this week.  His youngest son was killed in a car accident this weekend and is being buried in Boston today.  I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemies, so it makes it even harder to see it happen to a generally good guy and such a smart, young kid.
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