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Blackhawks at Hurricanes Game Recap

January 31, 2010

Let me preface this with an apology for not getting this up sooner.  Last night turned pretty wild after Loyola’s mens volleyball team upset #5 Penn State. On top of shaking off the effects of that, the NHL’s video player isn’t letting the highlights play after the Samsonov goal.  The only way I’ve seen anything beyond the first period was in this video from the Cane’s website (WARNING: a Fall Out Boy song plays during that video.)

That being said, I think everyone is having some mixed feelings on last night’s results.  It sucks to drop a game against the bottom dweller, but Ward showed why they’ve been winning so much lately.  He is one of the few who can really turn it on and not just steal one game for a team, but flat out dominate for a week at a time if he so chooses.  Everyone knew this was a trap game coming in.  I’m just glad to get the boys back to the UC for some games before the Olympic break.

I know both teams have to deal with the ice surface, but the low quality seemed to hurt the Hawks and their speed.  Bouncing pucks (see: Madden’s breakaway) just didn’t go in their favor.  I’ll blame the NHL schedule makers for that issue.  NC State STARTED their basketball game 5 hours before the hockey game.  Add in the fact that the Hawks were just getting off a cross country flight on the longest road trip this season, and there’s no reason the game shouldn’t have been played today instead of last night.

ChiBlackhawks was at the game so I’m hoping she got some good pictures and we’ll hope to have a post up about that in the next few days.


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