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Beatdown in the Key of Happy – Blackhawks v Red Wings Postgame

December 24, 2009

“Cause I love these girls, but I hate this town.”

I must admit I was a little nervous coming into tonight’s game.  On the tail end of back-to-backs with our backup goalie in right before the holiday break against a team that was easily handled and heavily shorthanded 3 days ago, this had all the makings of a “trap game.”  And then the puck dropped…

The outcome was never in question.  This was just straight dominance by the Hawks.  It wasn’t the strongest offensive effort we’ve seen, but there’s not a whole lot to complain about there.  Kane ripped a slapper that Howard (who will probably become the new pain in the ass from the Wings in the next few years) never saw.  He did have a great view of Brouwer’s prostate though.  That’s definitely what needs to happen more to make the power play more successful. 1 for 3 with the man advantage tonight.  I guess its better than what its been lately.  Keith and Hossa had a nice little give-and-go play that set up the second goal from Sharp.  Sharpie almost fucked it up by losing control of the puck, but Howard was out of position from challenging Dunc.  Toews scored on a dribbler that Howard probably wants back.

The Hawks looked really good defensively all night.  I didn’t notice Sopel very much, which is always a good thing.  The issues start when I start seeing him get caught out of position or beat to a puck.  But I think tonight he had a very good game.  Seabrook and Keith rebounded well from the Sharks game.  That one was probably their worst of the year.  Tonight they didn’t have to deal with the top line of a favored Olympic team.  Solid all-around effort and I think Niemi really helped himself out all night. Q said after the game, “You have to commend him on how well he challenges, how big he looks, and he takes away the opportunity before it arises.” It makes a lot of sense.  He’s making the plays instead of just reacting to what the shooters are doing.

Player of the Game:

I have to give this one to Kane.  Like usual, he had ridiculous puck control.  Patrick Kane has the puck on his stick until he decides he doesn’t want it anymore.  Defenders are his toys.


  • Happy birthday to Pat Foley who turned 55 today.
  • Hossa was booed all night by the Detroit fans, despite their own writers telling them they shouldn’t.  I guess they really don’t like a guy who played for them on the cheap, worked his ass off, played with a torn rotator cuff, and scored 40 goals.  So he didn’t have a good playoffs. It happens. But the guy gave everything he had for that team.
  • Check out BlackhawksTV on Comcast Sports Net on Christmas at 7.  Should be some fun videos from the official website.
  • Belarus was the first country to announce their Olympic roster today. I’ll be watching closely as more teams announce their players in the next few days. Russia’s come out on Friday.  Check out the full schedule here.
  • Eager sat out again.  He denied having a concussion a few days ago, but I still wonder how his head is doing.  With all the talk about shots to the head and former hockey players having mush for brains by age 50, safety needs to come first.  I’m not saying he has a concussion. I’m saying if he does, its an extremely serious issue that could shut him down for the season.  Nobody is questioning his toughness, but some things are not to be fucked with.
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